Non-Spoiler Review of the Suicide Squad


Suicide Squad is a movie that follows a team of super villains who are compelled to save the world against their will. Why? Because the death of Superman and the rise of superpowered creatures (metahumans) left the world more vulnerable than ever. With that being said, the world had no choice but to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea – keep these extraordinary criminals locked up and watch the world burn or leverage from their ability by pitting them against another baddie who’s a lot worse. Fire vs fire, as how Amanda Waller has quoted it. Also, they’re expendable. That’s basically the concept of the movie, and its close to 120-minute run got that across, while at the same time showing some solid character development in the process. Story wise and character development wise, the movie (in my opinion) managed to pull these off with flying colors (pun intended).

Whoever got lost in the translation (which seems to be true to many critics in RT) was surely not paying attention to the movie’s narrative. It was laid out plain and simple, even a 13-year old could easily follow what was happening. On the other hand, the storyline was pretty generic, yes. However, it’s quite a bias judgment against Suicide Squad when Deadpool and even Civil War suffered the same problem. I’m a huge X-Men fan and I loved Deadpool, but story wise, the motivation that kept the entire movie rolling was pretty shallow and generic if you ask me – find and kill Francis because he messed with my face, and save my damsel in distress while on it.

Where It Fell Short

What the Suicide Squad lacked which (many) critics were surely trying to point out but couldn’t is a consistent cinematography. The movie did a very outstanding job in the first act, it was very pleasing to watch the squad introduced one by one. However, it wasn’t able to maintain the visual pleasures that it showcased, not until the end. The fight scenes weren’t bad, but if their cinematography were only stretched up until the movie’s resolve, the characters would’ve had momentous fight scenes. The characters’ moves were acceptable, but it wasn’t emphasized properly by the movie, leaving the audience wanting to have a better glimpse at Harley wreaking havoc with her baseball bat. It was able to give us a cinematic kick that will put us in awe, but the problem is it ran short in the middle of the narrative.

A Formidable Villain

The main villain was not weak as what most critics have been claiming. Enchantress was surely a threatening villain, nothing that Baron Zemo in Civil War could come close to. Also, she had a good enough motivation to carry out her plans for world domination, so why hate on her? She definitely served her purpose as the main villain and perhaps a better villain than Baron Zemo or even Ultron (in the cinematic universe at least). Suicide Squad’s villain was pretty good in providing a contrast between the villains turned anti-heroes who still have a soft side in them, and an all-out evil villain who only seeks to cleanse the world into nothingness.

Who Owned the Movie?

The standout actors in this movie are Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, and surprisingly, Will Smith.

Harley Quinn

It’s hard not to love Harley. Margot Robbie has shown a dimension of the character that has not been prominent in the mainstream platform all these years but has been widely explored in the comics – the human side of Harley Quinn. Margot Robbie Indeed fleshed out the Harley Quinn that we needed to see which can only be found in the pages of her New 52 comics.

Amanda Waller

Viola Davis never ceases to amaze me. She’s born to be Amanda Waller on the big screen. Her menacing portrayal is pretty stellar, kind of reminds me of her Annalise Keating persona in How to Get Away with Murder, quite murderous but all for the right reasons. You’ll love and hate her at the same time because she’s such a bad-ass woman but at the same time a double crossing military woman. Viola Davis is definitely Amanda Waller in the flesh! She was able to bring out the darkness and the ruthlessness of the character.


The performance of Will smith resonates the principles of Deadshot in the comics: a hitman for hire who follows a code, but his family makes him vulnerable. He was able to give life to Deadshot’s human side flawlessly – hands down to that. Never thought I’d like him for the role, but here I am praising him.

A Joker That’s Loyal to the Comics

Jared Leto as the Joker, on the other hand, was quite hard to love in this movie. Makes me think that he seems to be in the wrong movie. Why? It’s simple, he needs to be introduced further to the audience. The general audience is too used to the idea of TDK’s version of Joker, which is grounded and close to a real life psychopath. Meanwhile, DCEU’s Joker is the comic book version of the Joker, not the Nolan’s re-imagination of this classic Batman wvillain. Leto’s Joker is inspired by the New 52 comics, no doubt about that, which is why he needed a longer introduction if he were to be a part of the movie’s supporting casts. A simple cameo would’ve been a safer move for DC to sensationalize this version of the Joker, just like what they did with Batman – it was just perfect.

It’s nothing like Nolan’s re-imagination of the Joker and it shouldn’t be, because the DCEU does not linger in that grounded universe of the Dark Knight Rises. Surely, this will be a subject of debate between fans and the casual viewers moving forward, but it can be redeemed given that DCEU will be able to get across to the audience how this universe is different from Nolan’s Batman universe. To appreciate him fully, try looking at Joker in a different light – a lighter and more colorful one at that.

Leto didn’t fail to deliver, he just needed a formal introduction, because the general audience hasn’t really warmed up to this version of the joker yet. His is a comical and a psychopathic one, while TDKR’s is a grounded and close to a real life psychopath. So, I don’t think we could blame Jared Leto for wherever his role fell short.

Overall Performance

Overall, I give it a 6.5/10. Not the best summer blockbuster out there, but it’s definitely far from bad – it’s not boring. It’s a movie that will surely be enjoyed by everyone of all ages and will keep you awake all throughout its run.

For the fans of the comic book, it’s definitely a treat because it’s straight out of the comics (except for the part where they put great emphasis to the human side of the characters). It’s definitely faithful to its source. It’s like watching an animated movie but translated into live action.

For the casual moviegoers, don’t worry, you will have fun! It’s far from dull as what movie critics have been claiming, it’s not going to make you fall asleep, that’s for sure. It’s a movie worth watching, and it greatly builds up the entire DC universe! It answers to Batman V Superman’s conclusion and will bridge that movie to the rest of the DCEU’s universe moving forward. It has its flaws just like every movie there is, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good one.

If you’re looking for a movie to watch and will give you a good time this weekend, this movie will give you an adequate those of that.There’s an enjoyment to be had in the movie and that’s basically a good enough motivation to watch the movie.

PS: The mid-credit scene is worth the wait.


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