Dr. Strange 2016: MCU’s Gateway to the Multiverse

During the most recent San Diego Comic-Con, everyone was left dumbfounded when the main casts of Marvel’s Agents of Shield literally unveiled the iconic ride of Earth-616’s version of the Ghost Rider- Robbie Reyes. Without a doubt, it was a highly welcomed surprise for the fans all over the world, and it was worth every cheer that it could get from the giddy crowd at SDCC. However, with that revelation comes the biggest question from the show’s wary fans – how will Ghost Rider fit into the narrative of Marvel’s Agent of Shield?

This question may seem very simple for casual fans of the show, however, if we dig deeper into Ghost Rider’s comic book lore, we’ll see that his ability’s origin is farfetched from what the entire MCU has shown us thus far – Alien (Kree), Tech, and Science. Ghost Rider’s powers are supernatural in nature, a territory where demons and ghosts are footloose and fancy-free – a concept that Marvel has been shying away from, not even in their upcoming Movie Dr. Strange. And, with the announcement that Ghost Rider will be making his debut on Agents of Shield, the more it doesn’t make sense for fans who savor the logical connection between characters and shows.  Why? Because Ghost Rider’s lore doesn’t seem to align with the show’s status quo.

For casual fans, it may not seem like a question worth raising, because it will fall in place eventually in the show. However, for fans who want who are critical with the logical reasoning of the show in connecting the dots, this might answer that question – Dr. Strange and the Multiverse.

Dr. Strange and the Multiverse

Seems like Dr. Strange will be playing a bigdc52multiverseger role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe than any of us expected. As its debut gets closer, Marvel executives are slowly hinting us with the pieces that they will soon put together. However, much like Ghost Rider, Dr. Strange’s abilities are rooted from an uncharted territory in MCU at the moment, which is Magic and Sorcery. So, how will it fit into the status quo of MCU either?

Dr Strange

Little have been said whether Dr. Strange’s Universe is set in the same universe as the Avengers’ and the entire MCU is neither giving us any hint about that matter. One thing is for sure, though, magic and sorcery are also inexistent in the MCU as of the moment. Not a single reference was made that correlates to the presence of magic in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it didn’t even resonate in any of Marvel’s Agents of Shield episodes. AOS tends to dig deeper into the entire MCU lore, but it didn’t get that far. So, how do you think will the world of the Sorcerer Supreme tie up with the universe that the Avengers has built all these years?

Hogwarts and the World of Muggles

There is a fan theory that’s up on the web that greatly justifies the inexistence of Sorcery and magic in the MCU. According to this fan theory, the whole concept of Magic has been locked away from the whole world and is under a very tight watch by some powerful sorcerers that might be introduced in the Dr. Strange movie. It’s pretty much similar to how the J.K Rowling hid the universe of Hogwarts to the rest of the Muggle world in Harry Potter. This fan theory may seem outrageous, but it does make a lot of sense if you think about it, and more importantly it’s logical.

The World of Dr. Strange Is Set in A Different Universe

Since it’s already out in the open that the debut of the Multiverse in the MCU is set in stone (during Dr. Strange’s appearance on the big screen), it wouldn’t be far from possible that Dr. Strange’s world of sorcery and magic might be set in an entirely different universe, where the Avengers might be petty criminals who are robbing banks instead of saving the world.  Then, later on, he might just cross the borders of reality that separates his world from the current MCU (which is canon), and bump into the Avengers during the “Infinity Wars.” Who knows? After all, Marvel could now play with an infinite number of possibilities with the Multiverse’s introduction to the big screen.

No matter how the Sorcerer Supreme will fit into the MCU, one thing is for sure – the Multiverse.

Ghost Rider, the MCU, and the Agents of Shield3658993-all_new_ghost_rider__3_cover__variant__by_felipesmith-d76nihl.jpg

Though he won’t be appearing in the upcoming Dr. Strange movie, Ghost Rider will be the product of the movie’s feat to literally break open the entire MCU to an infinite number of Universes, tagging along with them their TV counterpart, Agents of Shield. Yes, a character from another earth, another timeline, or another plane of existence, will be crossing the borders of time, space, and reality to join Daisy Johnson, Agent Coulson, Agent May, and the rest of Inhuman inhabited world of the Agents of Shield; this is all because someone (Dr. Strange) left the door (Multiverse) open. Apparently, it’s been established that whatever events occur in Marvel’s big screen franchises, their TV shows will be greatly affected by it, and it’s been like that ever since.

Now, with the Multiverse set to break the borders between different realities in the MCU, it opens up the opportunity for them to explore the uncharted territory of Ghost Rider’s origin which stretches beyond the borders of science and alien (and Kree) technology.

Opening New Doors to *Insert Movie Studio Here* Crossovers

With the concept of the multiverse landing on MCU, the existence of the X-men, Fantastic 4, and the rest that Marvel Studios doesn’t have any rights to anymore is but a stone’s throw away from the rest of the MCU.  They now have a good excuse to freely pass through the barriers that have long been setting them on a great divide all these years. The possibilities are now limitless, as they could easily prime the up out of the concept of Multiverse.

One of the underrated reveals from Marvel studios during SDCC is their stealthy set up of the “Legion” in the line-up of their upcoming TV shows. No one really anticipated its production, no one even bothered making a fan theory out of it. Basically, it was kept in the shadows all this time.

For those who are not familiar with the Legion, here’s what that means in a Nutshell – the son of Professor Charles Xavier, a mutant. In other words, it’s an X-men Spin-off co-produced by Fox and Marvel. All this time, the idea of Fox and Marvel working together has been a subject of debate by fans all over the internet, and now that has finally been given an indefinite but a playful conclusion: Foxvel is Coming.


Who knows, even Marvel Versus DC is possible with the Multiverse left open, provided that the competing studios (DC and Marvel) work past their rivalry.  If that day will come, it will be a groundbreaking feat that will break every box office record in history. It would be priceless to have every comic book geek’s dream come alive in a live-action movie that would resemble this:

marvel v dc.jpg


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