Wonder Woman Trailer 2017

One of the iconic members of the DC comics and the pioneer female superhero is celebrating its 76th year this year, and it seems like it’s going to be the grandest just yet. After her stunning and breathtaking appearance in the “Batman V Superman” movie earlier this year, I’m pretty sure everyone would agree that she deserves a movie of her own, and that is what we are all about to get early next year (2017). The full trailer of the fierce yet poised Amazonian Princess is finally out!

Contrary to how we got accustomed to Wonder Woman’s decisiveness and seasoned persona in BvS, in the upcoming Wonder Woman film, she will be otherwise. The movie showcases Wonder Woman’s origin story, where we get to see her coming of age as she sets out to the world outside the protection of her Amazonian paradise – Themyscira. The movie follows her Modern Age origin, which depicts her as an ambassador and emissary from Themyscira, upholding an unconventional virtue to a Patriarch World in the midst of World War 1.

The show runners have yet to reveal the main antagonist of the movie, however, the war-torn set up of the movie seems to point us to Ares. That has yet to be confirmed, but basing on Wonder Woman’s long list of Archnemeses, it would make sense that Ares is the real deal of the movie because of his thirst for War as he is the God that feeds from it.

Any thoughts? Feel free to drop them in the comments section.


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