FoxVel (Fox-Marvel) is Coming: Legion

Marvel doesn’t seem to let a day pass by in Comic-con without a nerdgasmic feat. Day 1 of the SDCC was purely and literally a teaser of what’s yet to come (Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders, and Ghost Rider). Today, Marvel brought the hype all over the roof with one after the other revelations of what’s in store for the fans which all seemed far fetched, not until today. One of the biggest news to drop this evening is what’s been highly debated all over the internet. Many were skeptical and doesn’t seem to buy the idea that Fox and Marvel will join forces in bringing the X-men to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That has yet to be seen, however, this surprise trailer of the “Legion” is hinting us that they are headed towards that direction. No one really saw this coming, but, if there’s one thing that this X-men spin-off TV series is telling us, it’s that Marvel has the power to do just about everything to turn their graphic novels into a reality. Lo and behold: FoxVel is coming.

Legion is just the start of this budding relationship between Marvel and Fox, surely there will be more to come as they continue to develop their  closeted romance through this X-men Spin-off -– The Legion. At this point, skeptics could already drop their pessimism and perhaps be open to the idea that the X-Men and the rest of the Mutants are going to rub elbows with the Avengers soon enough!

Meanwhile, check out the trailer of Legion which is slated for a debut in early 2017.


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