The Justice League Has Arrived

Get the hype started! A Zack Snyder free rendition of the Justice League is finally here! In full 16M Colors that would surely look stunningly vivid on your smartphone’s screen. The first trailer of the Justice League was recently revealed at the SDCC, and man! DC has finally stepped up their game! From the looks of it, seems like Marvel’s the Avengers is about to go head to head with a worthy opponent in the box office. Though the trailer barely scratched the surface of what’s yet to come and what else to expect, it cannot be denied that it’s an entirely different take on the entire DC Universe –  fun, vivid, and less gritty, which is the exact opposite of what “Batman V Superman” attempted to set up. One thing for sure though, from the looks of the trailer, it seems to promise a lot of fun and colors – contrary to Zack Snyder’s instagram filtered BvS. The Justice League is currently filming and will be out November of 2017! Another reason to live another fruitful year.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to drop them on the comments section. Meanwhile, you can check that Justice League trailer right here.


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